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This series of equipment adopt saturated pure steam as the sterilization medium, to do sterilization and drying treatment on clothing, dressings, instruments, medium, glass, etc. The equipment strictly follows the GMP requirements during the process of design, manufacture, test and acceptance, and also online detection and real-time printing of temperature and pressure on the whole process of sterilization to realize that the whole process can be traced back. It is widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factory, laboratory, scientific research units and so on to realize disinfectant and sterilization.

Structure & Capability & Characteristics

• Unique sealing design

Gate sealing: structure of dovetail groove bi-directional sealing design and seamless converting during switch between pulse vacuum and steam sterilization, avoiding the risk of leakage of equipment sterilization chamber.

Outlet steam separator: using air partition structure and with steam pressure relief outlet to prevent pollution risks brought about by recoil of the floor drain pipeline.

Sealing system: pressure protection of inflatable sealing system, with online sterilization function.

• Pure vapor diffusion panel design of the chamber, quality control of condensed water distributary and steam sterilizing. And coupled with extensive testing and validation of hydrophobic throttle orifice plate joint design, the sterilization efficiency is higher and the effect is better.

• TIG welding is applied to the chamber, mirror polishing with Ras0.5um.

• Flange inside the chamber adopts overall processing technology without residual stress and advanced control of the sealing surface and sealing groove size during the manufacturing process to assure greater safety and reliability of the sealing during the device operating and thus service life of the sealing ring is lengthened.

• Automatic detection control of the pressure and temperature inside the chamber and gate with insulation structure to improve the distribution of temperature.

• High density ceramic insulation material of the equipment, no particles and outer covering stiffener stainless steel.

Available of online sterilization and integrity test of sterilizing filter, providing greater safety and reliability during the device operating.

" Real-time detection of temperature and pressure and real-time printing and recording of curve.

• Portal automatic control system completely accords with the requirements of GAMP5 and 21CFR Part11