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Glassware Washer


This type of washing machine is mainly used for laboratory glassware, volumetric flasks, beakers, test tubes, triangular flasks, bottle caps, chromatographic sampling bottles, petri dishes, centrifuge tubes, vials, measuring cylinders, sampling bottles, rubber hoses, etc. cleaning, disinfection and drying.


  • Using a flow meter, the water inflow can be displayed digitally in real time;

  • Two-way water source inlet design, automatic control of the cleaning process, different water sources and pure water can be selected

  • Pure water intake adopts built-in booster pump, which can directly inhale pure water without external booster;

  • Anti-spill design, with overflow protection function

  • Independent drainage pump, combined with the water seal design of the drainage pipeline, prevents the sewage from flowing backward;

  • Cleaning agent lack of liquid reminder function

  • Built-in steam condenser, no steam overflow


Combination of drying hot air and cleaning pipeline, 360° no dead angle will bring the hot air to every corner, and complete drying efficiently, quickly and evenly;

The vessel and the circulation pipeline are dried synchronously, avoiding the growth of bacteria inside the pipeline due to long-term humidity in the pipeline.