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CHINNOFI Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the lagest proffesional of sterilization equipment in China.       
Provide professional solutions for sterilization in various fields.
The diversification of the sterilization process is to meet the safe sterilization of various ranges of products. 
Sterilization equipment complies with GMP requirements.
Professional team
We have a professional team composed of technical application specialists, sales specialists and after-sales engineers to provide users with high-quality professional pre-sales technical consultation, program design and after-sales service.
Customized service
In the customized consulting service, we develop our own solutions according to the special requirements of customers, so as to meet the requirements of customers.
Wide range of applications
Our sterilization products involve various fields such as life science, biosafety, medicine, fine chemical industry, food and so on. Used in microbiology laboratory, animal room, production and development of pharmaceutical industry.
Outstanding achievement
CHINNOFI is one of the largest professional manufacturers of sterilization equipment in China. The sterilization equipment produced is well-known throughout the country and exported to overseas countries, with users all over the world, and has production licenses for pressure vessels and boilers.
Favorable transportation
CHINNOFI's factory is located in Nanjing, the beautiful ancient capital, adjacent to Shanghai, the capital of international trade in China, with numerous ports and convenient transportation.
Sustainable concept
While CHINNOFI guarantees product quality, it is also constantly seeking sustainable development, constantly updating old machines and developing new ones.