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Dry Heat Sterilizer

Product Application

This series of products are mainly used for drying, sterilizing and removing-pyrogen the heat resistant articles such as penicillin bottles, aluminum caps, stainless steel metal and glass vessels in the pharmaceutical industry.

Construction characteristics

• All parts in the clean chamber that are in contact with the being processed articles are made of high quality 316L stainless steel.

• The outer layer of the equipment is a full coverage design of high quality 304 stainless steel. The coating layer adopts a new manufacturing process without screw holes, which brings simple and beautiful outlook and is easy to clean without dead zones of pollution.

• The unique technique of vacuum negative-pressure sealing is applied to the overall equipment, which greatly reduces the risk of product contamination.

• Technique of one-way laminar flow in the processing regions makes the more uniform of temperature distribution and the more accurate of velocity and pressure control.

• TIG welding applied to the sterilization chamber, circular arcs design with great circle arc and the unique guide structure of stratified thermal insulation guarantee the equipment performance of high quality.

Technical Characteristics

• Unique sealing design

Double-leaf gate seal: special design of double layer of silicone rubber seals and vacuum isolating protected areas formed by

independent negative- pressure fan.

Fan shaft seal: vacuum protection of mechanical seal, free of lubrication.

HEPA seal: without rubber sealing, closed channel formed by SS316 seals and vacuum sealing formed by independent negative-pressure fan system.

• Technique of laminar flow orifice plate and microporous structure guarantee the air inside the chamber to form high quality level of one-way laminar flow state.

• TIG welding is applied to the chamber, mirror polishing with Ras0.5um.

• Automatic control of pressure and temperature inside the chamber and two-layer design in the bottom of the chamber to improve the distribution o temperature.

• High density ceramic insulation material of the equipment, no particles and coated with stainless steel stiffener.

• Available of online detection of dust particles.

• Online print and record of Fh value.

• Portal automatic control system completely accords with the requirements of GAMP5 and 21CFR Part11.