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B.D Testing for Sterilizing Effect

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Use Bowie-Dick test to meet the international anti-infection standard.

Fix the Bowie-Dick testing program to ensure high sterilizing precision.

What is Bowie-Dick?

It is developed by J. H. Bowie and J. Dick from microbion college of Edinburgh Royal Hospital UK which is used for testing the sterilizing effects of ventilated articles which is sterilized by the high-pressure vacuum sterilizing equipment AAMl is also used it as the standard to confirm the condition of the sterilizer. First use the towel to pack the testing cards as a testing parcel and put it to the specified place in the chamber. After the steriizinacirceof134C/35mintakethe parcel out and judge the performance of the sterilizing equipment through the color of the testing card. If the vacuum pump broken sterilizing circle control incompletely, sterilizing chamber leak the color of the testing card will not be equal. Then we can recognize the abnormity of the sterilizing equipment easily.


Bowie-dick test which widely used in Europe and America is used to confirm that whether the operation of the autoclave steam sterilizing equipment is normal and whether it can sterilize completely. In order to meet the international equipment standard, Chinnofi fix the B.D test program to improve the anti-infection standard.