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Wet Heat Sterilization Parameter

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Wet Heat Sterilization Parameter

D value: It is the anti-heatina narameter of microoraanism. That means under a certain temperature,the time is needed to kill 90% microoranism(reduce one logarithmunit)which is expressed as minute. D value is biager, temperature to kill the microbion will be higher. Different microorganism under different condition, shave different D values.

Z value:It is the sterilizing temperature coefficient.That means when the Dvalue of the microorganism reduces one logarithm unit,the sterilizing temperature should rise10℃ as usual

FT value: It is the sterilizing time of the sterilizing articles which is specified by the sterilizing program, expressed as minute.

F0 value: It is the standard sterilizing time which is eauivalent time under 121℃ of sterilizing articles specified by the sterilizing program. Means the FT value when T=121℃,Z=10℃.121℃ is the standard conditionso the F0 is the standard sterilizing time,expressed as minute.

Expressed as minute.Sterilizina rate L:it is the 1min corresponding standard steriizina time under some sterilizina temperature. Means it is the ratio ofFOandFT(L=FO/FT).

Sterilizina ensurance value SAL:It is the suffer loaarithm value of the microbion remain probability after sterilizing. It means the asepsis condition after sterilizing.According to the international standard,the sterilizing assurance value of the wet heat sterilizing way should be not lower than 6,means the microbion remain probability won’t be more than 1/1000000